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The Heart
The heart
Once filled with bliss and joy.
Is left with wounds,
Upon absence of a soul.
Could it be
Used to his presence?
Now it only longs for him.
Leaving endless pain within.
Regret not
For what was done.
The happiness felt
Was not a lie.
Struggling on to believe,
As light of hope starts to dim.
Yet only time could tell,
If these wounds would ever heal.
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Oh, the poor soul left behind.
Hugging alone in an empty house.
Merciless rain froze the floor,
Now her feet as cold as ice.
Yearning for that warmth.
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Way Back Home
Shimmering, sparkling lights around.
Couples conquering street to street.
Everyone's pace was slow but one,
Walking as fast as her feet could go
To her sanctuary, called home.
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My little angel
Forgive me,
For being such a selfish devil.
Bringing you into this world,
Was way beyond my ability.
Killing you was my only option,
Though I wished it wasn’t so.
It was my fault to begin with,
I knew it all along.
The forbidden act shouldn’t have been done,
But I couldn’t resist those temptations.
Filled with remorse, guilt and regrets,
Yet too late to seek your forgiveness.
With this devious crime I now committed,
I shall, and I will
Take the burden of this sin,
To become the next Lucifer in time to come.
So rest in peace, my darling,
Don’t stain your clean, pure hands,
With the hatred you have for me.
For I will soon receive the rightful punishment I deserve.
Don’t ever become a fallen angel,
Because of my selfish act
So that you can reincarnate
Into the hands of loving parents you deserve.
Though I know
I can never forget you.
That heartbeat of yours once felt in me,
Is still left imprinted in my memory.
But I hope one day
These tears of min
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Bento 2 by angel90 Bento 2 :iconangel90:angel90 18 5 Bento by angel90 Bento :iconangel90:angel90 65 14 +:HAPPY VALENTINE DAY CGed:+ by angel90 +:HAPPY VALENTINE DAY CGed:+ :iconangel90:angel90 0 4 Life Is Now by angel90 Life Is Now :iconangel90:angel90 1 6
Sitting on a patch of grass
In a tranquil, silent night,
I saw a shooting star flying by;
It lit up my path in life,
With the gift of hope and warmth.
Then came a sudden urge,
And I make my wish
For the very first time in my life --
May my dreams come true tonight......
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-You Are Not Alone......-
Even though I seemed to unnoticed you
And never seemed to show you any concern;
Calm and cold blooded,
But I am actually aware of your tears and my heartbreaks.
I know that even though you look strong and happy on the outside,
It was all for show.
Deep inside that heart of yours,
You are weak like everyone is.
That is why I am here,
To share your woes and sorrows
When you need it.
Therefore, please do not hesitate
To open up your heart
And speak out those diabolic feelings
That are hurting you inside.
Is okay; is alright,
Do not worry
If you don’t wish to say it out,
Because I will never force you
To do something against your wish;
You have the right to stay in silent.
But please do remember, my dear friend,
You are not alone at all
As I will always stay by your side.
Even though I may not be able to give you advice,
But at the very least I will be there,
To hear you out when you need it.
And this will also be, our little secret……
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When midnight struck
On a full moon night,
She crept into the bathroom
As quietly as a mouse.
She filled the bathtub
With water till the brim
And slashed her left wrist with a knife.
She placed her hand
Into the water,
With blood oozing out,
To let her blood flow clean.
It hurts,
For many may think,
But to Elle it was
A smoothing feel,
To ease that aching heart of hers;
For now she is free at last,
To set foot on the paradise
Which she had been craving for —
A place where she would be loved again.
The crystal clear water
Was dyed a dark, dark red,
As if it were
A tub of rose petals,
And Elle was gone
Along with the silent night.
:iconangel90:angel90 2 19
Icy Stare
That stare he gave me,
Was icy cold.
It pierced through me,
Like a sharp razor blade,
Leaving behind a fatal pain.
It changed into anger,
With the silent rhythm.
It startled me,
And I trembled in fear,
Forcing me to retreat that very moment.
I cried silently,
In the abyss of darkness.
Feeling isolated suddenly,
As my tears flow uncontrollably.
I sank to the rock bottom of prevailing darkness.
Pondering what had gone wrong.
Where was that warmth?
The one which had existed,
Or was it my self-delusion,
To even begin with?
Trying hard to forget,
Those dreadful,
Frightening eyes.
Eyes that belonged to,
Whom I call "papa".
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::Happy Chinese New Year:: by angel90 ::Happy Chinese New Year:: :iconangel90:angel90 1 26

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Favourite genre of music: Jap Classical & Pop \(o__o)/
How many years has it been since I left dA? 4 years? =/ These few days I've the sudden urge to write poems again. Because it's just a hobby, I've decided I'll post my poems here instead of my portfolio site. And probably a few doodles and sketches that doesn't fit into my portfolio site. So the things I'll be posting here from now on are more personal..? I just thought that this is the best place for personal works. A playground without feeling stressed out.

For those curious about what I've been up to... I've actually studied in Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Interactive and Digital Media. Graduated with a Diploma in Interactive Multimedia Design. Currently I'm working as a full-time designer in Wunderman Singapore.

Well, I'll keep my old works here. As they allow everyone and myself, to see how much I've improved over the years. :)

Here are the links to my portfolios.
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